WhatsApp Business to drive sales

WhatsApp Business to drive sales

WhatsApp Business to drive sales through its integration with Facebook Page Shop.
Small business owners are always looking for ways to make work easier.

That is, to manage their time well and be able to schedule tasks appropriately.
WhatsApp Business allows for easier communication with customers.
The WhatsApp Business is a free and useful tool for small business owners.
It offers a cost-effective way to help you get more sales and grow your business.
So, you’re looking for ways to get more sales right?
This post looks at the features of WhatsApp Business that help to make doing business easier for small businesses.
It also shows how you can have a Facebook Shop and sell through WhatsApp Business.


WhatsApp Business to drive sales – is it a supported application or a third party application?

The WhatsApp Business is a supported application and not a third party application.
It is actually a cross-platform service owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp Business to drive sales – why should I use it as a small business owner?

If you live on a country like Nigeria, you are probably already used to the WhatsApp Messenger version.

You’ll also appreciate the importance of WhatsApp for communication.

It is almost impossible to stay in contact with others without the app.

Many people use it because it is a cheaper way to call and chat with people all over the world.

However, the business version was built with the small business owner in mind.

This is because small business owners are always looking for ways to be effective at a minimal cost.

Features on WhatsApp Business to drive sales.

There are special features on WhatsApp Business to help you communicate better with customers and to drive sales.

These features make the business version preferable for small business owners.
Especially, if you want a more efficient and professional outlook.
The app has features similar to the personal app but with other features to support business people.
Here are the features and reasons why the WhatsApp Business is a useful tool for small business owners.


WhatsApp Business to drive sales – Calls

With WhatsApp Business, you can make calls for free both local and international.

Although data charges depends on provider.

In addition, you can send multimedia and there’s the feature for group chats as well.

WhatsApp Business to drive sales – Business profile

You can create a business presence using WhatsApp Business.

By adding information such as business description, email address, business address and website.

Therefore unlike the personal version, you can have a business profile that can help to grow your business.

WhatsApp Business to drive sales – Messaging

The business version allows small business owners to communicate efficiently with their customers.

You can message your customers easily and at a cheaper cost compared to sending an SMS.

Although this feature is not unique to the business app, because it is a similar feature with the WhatsApp Messenger.

However, the business version has tools to automate and respond quickly to your customers.

In addition, with the business app you can sort and send quick replies which helps to make sending messages easier.

WhatsApp Business to drive sales – Quick Replies

With Quick Replies you are able to save messages you use frequently.
So that you can reuse them in a timely manner.
Automated messages help you to respond to customers even when you’re away.
For example, you can create a message that greets your customers and introduces your business.


WhatsApp Business to drive sales – Sorting your contacts.

Labels help you to sort your contacts. You might be wondering what Labels are.

Labels are made of different colours and are used to organise your chats and customers.

In addition, it helps you to find your messages easily.
The app comes with five Labels namely:


  • New Customers.
  • New Order.
  • Pending Payment.
  • Paid.
  • Order Complete.

You can create more Labels to suit your needs.
Unlike the personal version, you can also send specific broadcast to Labels.

WhatsApp Business to drive sales – Catalog

Catalog is a mobile storefront to display your products.

For example, rather than displaying your goods on WhatsApp Messenger status that disappears after 24 hours.

The catalog is there to help you showcase your products for as long as you wish.
This can help make your products more visible and more people can see what you have to offer.

WhatsApp Business to drive sales – Web integration

Although WhatsApp Business runs on mobile devices. However, it is also assessable on desktop computers.

It can be integrated with your website or Facebook page.

Customers that visit your website can chat with you directly on WhatsApp through a chat button on your site.

Can I have both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone?

Yes, if you already have a personal number with WhatsApp Messenger.

You can also download and install WhatsApp Business on the same phone and register your business number on it.

In addition, it’s not only mobile numbers that you can use on WhatsApp Business.

You can also use a fixed phone number (landline) with the app.

How to use WhatsApp Business to drive sales using Facebook Page Shop integration for free.

You can drive sales by taking advantage of the Facebook Page Shop and WhatsApp Business integration.

This method might interest you especially if you sell locally and you don’t have an eCommerce website.

You can open the Facebook Page Shop as a means to display your products.

When a customer contact your WhatsApp Business through your Facebook Page.

Then, you can conclude the transaction with them off Facebook.

This way, the Facebook Page Shop gives you a storefront for free.

According to the WhatsApp Business policy: although sending advertisement, marketing or promotional messages is not allowed.

You can respond to a person who contacts you directly as a result of an advert you have placed on another platform outside of a WhatsApp thread.

What is a Facebook Page Shop?

Facebook Page Shops have different features depending on your location.
On a shop you can add as many products as you want. There is no limit.

The Facebook Page Shop also allows you to arrange your product inventory in such a way that your customers can browse your Facebook Page Shop by category.

You can reach more customers and make more sales by linking your WhatsApp Business to your Facebook Page Shop.

Opening a shop on Facebook requires having a Facebook Page.

However, you’ll need to engage your Page fans and keep bringing traffic to the Page just like you would on an eCommerce website.

Only that the Facebook Page is for free!

How do I open a Facebook Page Shop?

You can create a Facebook Page if you have a normal Facebook account.
Make sure you use your business name, so that your customers will know that it’s your business. Except if yours is a personal brand name.
Just make sure you think about that aspect for consistency sake.
Although you can apply to have the name changed later.
The challenge with a Facebook Page is that, you’ll need to invite people to your page.
However, if you already have lots of friends on your normal account, then great!
Just select each one and send an invite. Note that not everybody will respond, so you may need to spread the word about your new Page.
If you want your reach to be beyond your family and friends and get more people. Then, you will need to advertise using Facebook ad.
But you may not worry about that initially. Especially if you have thousands of friends already – alot of people do.
After opening your page, you’ll see the shop option.
Opening a shop is also straight forward. Just follow the instructions to create your shop and upload your products.
Here are some other WhatsApp Business questions answered.

How many contacts can add me on WhatsApp Business link?

WhatsApp Business does not place a limit on the number of people that can contact your business. However:

  • You may only contact people if they have given you their mobile number.
  • Or if they have agreed to be contacted by you over WhatsApp.
  • In addition, messaging limit does not limit the number of messages your business can send.
  • However, there is a limit to the number of users you are trying to message.
  • A business in tier 1 ( when you just register your phone number). Can send messages to one thousand (1k) unique customers on a rolling 24-hour period.
  • While Tier 2 and tier 3 allows you to send messages to ten thousand (10k) and hundred thousand (100k) unique customers respectively, on a rolling 24-hour period.

How do I invite someone into a group on WhatsApp Business?

You can also create groups on WhatsApp Business.
In order to invite someone into a group on WhatsApp Business, you need to send an invite link to them.
The person you are inviting can already be your phone contact.
However, it is also possible to send an invite link to a non-WhatsApp member.
That is, someone not on your contact to have a link. As long as they have the app and accept your invite, they can join your WhatsApp Business group.