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Remove image background using paint 3D. Using the windows built-in creativity application to remove image is very simple.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, use this application when you need to make video thumbnails or posters for your website.

The application comes with your Windows 10 so it is free to use.

In this short tutorial, we’ll create a YouTube thumbnail together using paint 3D.

Get image

There are many websites to get free to use images for your design. Some of my favorites are Pixaby, Pexels and Unsplash.

Many of the images are ready to use. That is, they already have transparent background.

However, if you do not like a particular background or the picture you like does not have a transparent background, you may want to change it.

Sometimes, you may also need to combine pictures to fit a particular concept.

For this tutorial I got two images and I’ll remove the background.

remove image background using paint 3D. Make image transparent.
Image by Awala
remove image background using paint 3D. Alternative to photoshop and free
Image by Callmejalloh

Afterwards, I’ll combine the separate pictures and use as a thumbnail.

Watch the demonstration video below:

Follow these steps to remove the background from images using Paint 3D

Step one

Open Paint 3D and start a New Project.

Step two

Upload the image you want to remove the background.

Step three

Select Magic Select 

Drag in the corners of the image to indicate the part of the image which is the cutout. When done click Next.

Step four

The cutout image should be highlighted now. Refine the cutout image using the Pencil  to add any missing parts.

In addition, if there are unwanted parts in the cutout, use the Eraser to remove such parts.

Step five

Move the  cutout away from the background. Then , right click the cutout and Select All.

Step six

Next, move to the background and right click. Delete the background.

Step seven

The next thing to do is to place the cutout on the plain background.

Step eight

Finally, Save as type PNG (Image) and select Transparency. Conclusion

In addition, you can create your thumbnail using Paint 3D, WPS, PowerPoint or any other application you desire.

If you want to create a thumbnail using WPS, just open a blank template. Design a background and paste the image. Add text using your desired font.

However, in order to export your template as an image, you need to have a premium plan. With such a plan you can also add watermark on your design.

Alternatively you can screenshot the template and paste the image in Paint 3D and crop the image. Save the image as PNG and you’re done!

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