7 secrets of successful bakery businesses in Nigeria

Successful bakery businesses in Nigeria

secrets of successful bakery businesses in Nigeria

In this article, we will look at the success secrets of bakery businesses in Nigeria, especially those in the Lagos and Ota areas.

The secrets of successful bakery businesses presented in this article are based on customers reviews.

Bakery businesses doing well in the Lagos and Ota areas possess a combination of the qualities mentioned in this article.

This information will come handy if you are thinking of starting or investing in a bakery business in Nigeria.

Successful bakery businesses

Bakery businesses in these areas, like in most parts of the country, sell flour-based food baked in an oven and sometimes fried.

Examples of baked food you will find in such business locations are cakes, bread, pies (beef, chicken and fish), donuts, small chops and other pastries.

Most of these bakery businesses have sales outlets and serve customers in their business premises.

However, increasingly, many small business bakery owners do not a physical outlet. Rather, they have an online presense and deliver their products to customers from their home base.

This information will come in handy if you are thinking of starting or investing in a bakery business in Nigeria.

Secrets of successful bakery business in Nigeria

Secret #1: tasty and delicious food

Customers have expectations when they patronize bakeries for light meals and snacks. They look for bakeries that serve savoury snacks.

Customers value the texture of baked foods. For example, most people love tender, light soft bread.

In addition, the nice aroma of baked food also contribute to the eating experience.

Secret #2: product appearance

Successful bakeries serve varieties of delicious cakes and pasteries. Nobody wants an ugly cake, no matter how delicious it is. Successful bakery businesses serve food that have appealing visual characteristics.

successful bakery businesses

Secret #3: varieties of portion sizes

Many successful bakeries offer varieties of portion sizes. Big customers like organisations or schools may order for big bread sizes or buy in bulk while an individual may need just a small loaf.

Offering different portion or snack sizes means that customers can choose based on their budget and health needs.

Secret #4: healthy and nutritious products

Beyond mere indulgence, customers are now demanding for healthy alternatives of baked products.

Successful bakeries in Nigeria are adding healthy options to cater for this demand. Many have gluten free, low salt and low sugar options, etc.

Secret #5: hygiene and packaging

Bakeries that succeed know the importance of hygenic process. They also make their packaging attractive. Many make use of eco-friendly paper food packaging containers.  

Secret #6: outlets

Successful bakery businesses in Nigeria have a clean, neat, well air-conditioned and overall comfortable outlets. Such businesses are often located in spacious or well managed spaces.

Customers often complain or will leave if a bakery outlet is too crowded or where they have to be on a queue for too long.

Successful online bakery businesses, although without a physical presence, ensure that they have a smooth ordering process. In addition, they ensure that they exceed customers expectations when they make deliveries of orders. Such business are often rewarded with great online reviews on their business profiles

Secret #7: great customer service

In addition to a great outlet and an efficient order process, successful bakery businesses in Nigeria offer great customer service.

They invest in friendly and polite staff who serve customers competently. They are well trained to pack products in an attractive manner.

Successful bakery businesses in Nigeria have comfortable business hours, give personal attention to customers needs and handle complaints and questions promptly.

Productivity tools for successful bakery businesses.

Successful bakery businesses in Nigeria have mastered the act of scheduling. Many make use of simple business tools to help manage the administration aspects of the business – monitoring ingredients and supplies.

Here are some examples of productivity tools for running a successful bakery business.

Lassaffre and me – is an app for NIgerian bakers. It has numerous interactive features such as pro recipes, product information, and technical assistance.

BakeDiary – to manage admin side of the business.

Bookafy – an appointment scheduling software for bakery business.

Skello – small bakery team management app.

Calendly – free consultation scheduler to add on your bakery website.