Small business free online tools for entrepreneurs in Nigeria

small business free online tools

Small business free online tools for entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

This article presents a list of small business free online tools for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. 

Small business owners are often looking for bargains. Therefore, any free tool that can support your business is always a good bargain. 

Here are free online tools that support small businesses in Nigeria.

Small business free online tool


Small business free online tools – SMETOOLKIT

The SMETOOLKIT is an online platform that provides small business free online interactive and eLearning tools.

Also, small business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria can get locally relevant and important business management information and free training resources.

You’ll particularly find the online calculators useful in getting important figures for your business.

If you are struggling with keeping accurate records, there are videos to assist you along with the calculators.

Whether you are writing a business plan or carrying out a self-assessment.

For whatever reasons you need to present clear financial forecasts or statements, these tools are very helpful.

The following calculators are available on the SMETOOLKIT:

  • PAYE calculator.
  • Debts to equity calculator.
  • Return on equity calculator.
  • Return on assets calculator.
  • Quick ratio calculator.
  • Operating profit percentage calculator.
  • Net profit margin calculator.
  • Loan payment calculator.
  • Gross profit margin calculator.
  • Debt to assets calculator.
  • Current ratio calculator.


Small business free online tools – Social media

Social media consists of online technologies, practices or communities that offer marketing opportunities for small businesses in Nigeria.

It mainly involves participation, sharing, interaction, and collaboration using online technologies.

Social media include:

  • Collaborative projects (e.g., Wikipedia)
  • Blogs and micro-blogs (e.g., Twitter)
  • Content communities (e.g., YouTube)
  • Social networking (e.g., Facebook)
  • Image search (e.g., Pinterest) and virtual game worlds, and virtual social worlds.

Most social media platforms are free to join but you pay in order to advertise on them.

In addition, entrepreneurs use social media free online tool to generate content, share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives with each other.

In order to engage people in discussion, sharing, and collaboration on an ongoing basis on social media, you content needs to be refreshed quite frequently.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most widely used by small businesses in Nigeria.

However, small businesses will also find Pinterest to be an invaluable source of sales traffic – almost a search engine in it’s own right.

Brand studies have shown that Pinterest is more effective at driving sales than other forms of social media.

Small business free online tools – WhatsApp for Business

The WhatsApp for business is a free to download app that was built specifically for small business owners.

Every small business owner in Nigeria should make use of this free tool. It differs from the personal WhatsApp because it has features that supports your small businesses.

Here are features on the app that can help your business grow as a result of improved communications with customers.

Business profile helps you to display your business information for customers and prospective customers.

You can display helpful information such as: your business address, business description, your business phone numbers, website and email address.

Quick replies helps you save and reuse messages. Small business owners are always on the run doing many things at once.

This feature allows you to automate responses especially answers to common questions about your business.

Automated replies in WhatsApp for business is a tool that allows small business owners to create automated messages such as away messages or greeting messages to introduce your business.

Labels are colour coded and helps you to sort your small business contacts and chats.

You can label your contacts according to label descriptions  such as

  • New customer
  • Prospect.
  • Pending Payment.
  • Order Complete etc.

Some labels are already on the app but you can also add more descriptions as you wish.

You can then send chats to different contacts on different labels.

For example, rather than send individual messages to each new customer, you can send to all new customers at once.

This helps you to save valuable time.

Catalog in WhatsApp for business allows you to display your products.

If you’re a small businesses owner still using the status update on your personal WhatsApp to display their products.

This feature is a great reason to get the app for your business.

Especially for fashion and beauty small business owners.

Or any other small business, this is a useful feature as long as you need to display your products or services.

Video calls are available if your phone’s operating system is supported.

For Android users, it is available on Android 4.1+ and a strong internet connection is needed.

Furthermore, you can make group video calls with up to 4 participants.

Small business free online tools – Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing platform that helps small businesses manage their engagement with clients and customers.

You can build a landing page to capture information from contacts.

In addition, you can use Mailchimp to design beautiful campaigns.

A campaign is a message about your business that you share to an audience through channels such as email or ads.

Mailchimp helps you get this done and you get data analysis as well.

In addition, if you have an upcoming event and you want to collect signup forms, you can create simple signup forms on the Subscribe app.

Mailchimp is available for iOS and Android. This means that, you can manage your account on the go.

The free plan is good for small business start-ups. It allows up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month.

Small business free online tools – Google my business

This free tool from Google for small businesses. It is a combined free marketing and communications as well as a business site tool.

Google My Business gives your small business the following:

  • Free local listing on Google.
  • Free business profile.
  • Customer engagement.

Everyday, people are asking google questions about products or services that your small business provide.

With a business listing on google, people can easily find your business.

You get the opportunity to determine how your business profile is seen in local searches.

In addition, you can feature your best products in the gallery.

New prospects can read reviews about your business from existing customers.

Small business free online tools – Zoom video

Zoom is a collaborative online tool for small businesses.

It is useful if you need to hold online meetings, trainings and give technical support.
You can also hold video webinars for your marketing events.

In addition Zoom allows collaboration-enabled conference rooms, phone system and chat.

On the free plan (which would be sufficient for most small businesses), you can host up to 100 participants.

One-to-one meeting is unlimited but group meetings have a 40 minutes limit.

In addition, on the free plan, you have access to the video conferencing, web conferencing and group collaboration features.

Ticket support is also available.

Furthermore, you can record YouTube videos for free using Zoom. Although video editing is only available in paid subscription.

You can record for free on Zoom and then upload it to YouTube and do the editing on YouTube.

Zoom is a multi-platform app. Therefore, you can use it on-the-go on Android and iOS or run the app on Windows, macOS or Linux.


Small business free online tools – Google new sites

This is a free product by Google that small businesses can use to build hubs for internal project collaborations and teams websites.

It has drag and drop features which makes it possible to develop websites within 10 minutes.

It has sharing permissions which means that you can make the site only accessible internal to your business.

Therefore, you can use Google sites to work real time with someone else in a different location.

Furthermore, you can use it to develop public facing websites by making it accessible to the public.

Google site is responsive, and also optimized for tablets and websites.

Small business free online tools – Blogger

With a Google account you can create a simple blog for your business using Blogger.

You can create a blog with simple templates and designs.

It comes with a free domain ( but you can buy you own domain name.


This post presented a list of small business free online tools for entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Hope you found the article useful. The list will be updated with more free tools as they are discovered.