How to make world map animation in WPS presentation

How to make world map animation in WPS Presentation. This is a short tutorial on how to make a world map animation in WPS Presentation.

You can also watch the accompanying video below:



WPS is an office is an office suite available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Here is the link to download WPS (Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet) if you need it and if you haven’t done so already.

A world map animation can be used for your business presentation or converted to a video.

For example, you could use the map to indicate your business location, your major markets or where you source your products etc.

Check the full video below to aid you in creating your own world map animation effect for your presentation or video.


To make world map animation in WPS, open WPS presentation and follow the steps below.

Make world animation in WPS step 1

The first step to make a world map animation using WPS is to open a blank presentation and add a rectangle shape.  Cover the frame with the rectangle and the add a circle in the middle.

Ensure the circle is perfect. To check whether the circle is perfect, go to

Drawing Tools – Shape effect – More Effects – Size and Properties

add a rectangle shape WPS

Make world animation in WPS step 2

The second step is to copy the circle and paste it to duplicate the circle. Drag the other circle and place just outside the frame.

Make world animation in WPS step 3

Next, you need to merge the inner circle with the rectangle to create a transparent effect. You’ll notice the Merge Shapes is greyed out.

In order to merge shapes in WPS, you need to press shift key and select the shapes one after the other.

When Merge Shapes becomes active select Combine. The middle circle then becomes transparent.

World map animation in WPS – Step 4

The next thing to do is to bring the circle outside the frame back and place it on the transparent circle. Make sure both are aligned.

Select Drawing Tools-Shape Fill-More Fill-Gradient Fill

Adjust transparency to 95%.

Step 5

The fifth step is to add more effects. You can add a bit of 3D rotation. Be creative as you can!

Add animation effects WPS

Step 6

After adding more effects, paste or insert a world map image. Adjust it so it fits the circle. Copy and paste two more of the same image and align all three.

Step 7

Right click and group the three images. Next add animation. To add animation to the image.

Select Animation – Custom Animation – Add Effect – Motion Paths – Right

The Motion Path selected (Right) means the image would move from left towards right.

Step 8

Extend the motion path to both ends of the image. At this point you’ll need to tweak the animation.

In the animation selection pane you can change the speed to how fast or slow you want the map to scroll and also set the timing.

To do this click on the small orange drop down in Group and select Effect Options

use WPS for animation

Step 9

Once you’re satisfied with the animation, right click the image and select Send to Back

Make world animation in WPS

Step 10

Add text as you wish and add text animation. To do this select the text and go to Animation – Appear – Custom Animation-Modify Appear.

Then click the small orange drop down and select Effect Options.

If you want the words to appear by letter rather than at once, select Animate Text By Letter in Effect Options.

There you are! You’ve made an animated world map using WPS.