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Google My Business happy customers. Learn how to delight your customers using Google My Business (now Google Business Profile).

Google My Business is a useful tool for customer engagement

This article looks at ways small businesses can use this free business tool to delight their customers. 

It takes a customer-driven business to delight customers. A customer- driven business is one that is outside-in. 

The development of its products and services starts from the needs, wants and desires of its customers.

How to ensure Google My Business customers delight

Every serious business should seek to delight their customers.

Being customer focussed is beneficial to every business.

When customers are happy, the business does well.

Although it is good to satisfy your customers.

However, a delighted customer becomes a loyal customer because they would come back again and again.

Delighted customers would provide free word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

Among all the things a business can do to delight its customers, improving the quality of its products and services is important.

There are certain things a business must get right, if it want to delight its customers and build customer loyalty.

A small business can delight its customers by doing the following:

Providing channels for customers to voice their needs.

Customers pay you to provide them with goods and services needed to meet their needs.
Everyone loves to be heard. Customers are delighted when they have easily accessible channels to voice their needs.

Particularly, when you demonstrate that you’re listening and responding to their needs.Keeping Google My Business information up to date.

Google My Business makes it easy for customers and potential customers to reach your businesses easily.

Therefore, keep your Google My Business information up to date e.g. your phone number, website URL, business addresses, amenities and opening times etc.

This will ensure that customers can reach your business easily.

Not only that, make sure your listing is well managed to ensure that customers receive timely response.

This provides you with the opportunity to delight your customers.

In addition, a customer’s calls can turn out to be a goldmine.

You can get great ideas for improving your products and services based on the enquiries you receive.

Anticipating customers expectations.

Another way to delight the customer is to anticipate customers expectations.

Customers expectations may be diverse. However, every customer expects a business to exceed their expectations.Whether you offer bespoke or standardized products or services. Genuine reviews and feedback whether positive or negative gives your business authenticity and helps to build trust.

Customer experience reviews and feedback on Google My Business.

Google My Business provides the opportunity for customers to leave reviews about your products or services.

Therefore, these reviews are tools that can help small businesses in anticipating what customers expect when next they visit your business.

In addition, prospective customers have an idea of what to expect from your business based on the feedback from current customers.

Reminding customers to leave reviews and responding to the reviews helps to build trust which leads to satisfied and delighted customers.

Creating and communicating value.

By creating and communicating value, a business can delight their customers.
Customers expect reasonable pricing and genuine quality.

A business needs to communicate its value proposition.

That is excellent price/quality that ensures that prices are competitive and services is of good quality.

By doing this, a business will not only delight its customers. 

It will retain them because customers will repeat patronage when they are getting value for their money.

Adding quality posts to Google My Business

A business can demonstrate value offered to customers by using a Google My Business post.
A post helps to connect customers (existing and potential) to your business.

A business post can be used to engage with customers through your listing and Maps.

Through a Google My Business Post, you can promote your sales, offers, events and specials.

A post gives a business the opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate the value being offered to customers, using posts, videos or photos.
  • Provide sales and offers. You can add a coupon code, discounts, terms and conditions within a post.
  • Promote events.
  • Communicate business offers and general information about the business.

Boosting customers confidence with positive image of business

Customers are delighted when dealing with a reputable company.

It is not only an intangible image of a good reputation that wins customers confidence.

Customers also connect the visual impressions with quality.

You can also delight your customers with good aesthetics.

The appearance of your business and products or services adds magic to customer delight.

Adding images to Google My Business

Adding photos to Google My Business helps to boost customers confidence.

Using real images from your business helps to put the spotlight on those aspects of your business you are displaying.

The images can also help to differentiate your business from your competitors.

Images of the interior and the exterior of your business can create a feeling of delight in customers.

In addition, business photos influence customers judgement of your business.And also their willingness to do business with you.

Clear product images also help to drive sales.By using clear and authentic images on Google My Business, you create an opportunity to delight your customers. 

From the first contact with your business listing.

Giving good impression of your business

A business that seeks to delight its customers must always create a good impression.

Positive first impression helps to build strong relationship with customers.

Whether over the phone, by email or in-person.

A polite, prompt and warm response will delight a customer.

Managing Google My Business Listing

When your business is listed on Google My Business, be prepared to handle increased volume in terms of email, phone calls and messaging.

A business looking to delight its customers will plan ahead. Ensuring quality across all channels.

Managing your listing professionally helps to ensure quality across all channels.

Benefits of having your Google My Business listing managed include:

  • Having someone to read and reply customers feedback on a timely basis.
  • Making sure that quick and efficient responses are given to enquiries.
  • Regular update of posts.
  • Provide useful insights that can help your business understand customers interactions with your Google My Business listing.