Ecwid online stores for small businesses in Nigeria

Did you know that Ecwid online stores for small businesses can be built for free in about 30 minutes?
Ecwid is an eCommerce business tool that can help you get your business an online storefront in minutes.

As a small business owner, you can set up your own online store using Ecwid.

The free package allows you to add 10 products. It also offers essential features like $0 transaction fees, mobile shopping cart, and more.

Many small businesses require more than this. If you need a storefront for more that 10 products, you pay $15 /month or $ 12.50 /month paid annually. 

Many people thinking of drop shipping business would agree that this is a better deal than Shopify. 

Ecwid online stores

Another feature you enjoy is unlimited bandwidth meaning that, Ecwid doesn’t place a monthly cap on the amount of data – e.g. if too many people visit your store.

Ecwid makes it easily for small businesses to setup a store and start selling immediately. 

If you already have a website, you don’t need to abandon it. You can simply add it to your site.

If you don’t have a website, you can add your Ecwid store to virtually anywhere you have an online presence.  

In addition, it gives you the freedom to operate multiple online stores on your website, marketplaces, social media channels, and mobile devices – all from a single dashboard.

Getting started with your Ecwid online stores for small business 

Visit the Ecwid website here.

Start by filling your full name and email address. You’ll need to create a strong password to secure your storefront.

In the next step you’ll be asked a series of questions to help understand your type of business and to give you an eCommerce storefront that suits your business.

The next four steps would help you to complete your registration.

  1. Provide your store name, your country and currency.
  2. Add your company address – this is important to get paid and to setup delivery.
  3. In the third stage you’re asked to provide a little more information about yourself. For example, are you selling online already or are you just getting started?
  4. In the last step you’re asked to chose where you’ll be running your store. If you already have a website, include your platform. If not, don’t worry you can operate your store even on social media.

After completing the registration, you are taken to the store management panel where you’ll be managing your store.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to see your setup progress. You’ll need to add your website if you have one. 

Ecwid online store for small businesses in Nigeria

Adding your products or services is also easy. Upload your images and set your prices.

Selecting payment options for Ecwid online stores

Select your payment options. If you do cash on delivery, select manual. 

Ecwid integrates seamlessly with payment gateways in Nigeria such as Paystack, Rave by Flutterwave and others.

Promoting small businesses using Ecwid online stores

At the end of the setup, you’ll be able to share your store link with your customers and start making sales.

Do you know that you can get an instant website to sell your products?

On Ecwid you can build an online storefront that is already set up. Your can use the default URL or you can connect a third-party domain to your Ecwid store.

All you need to do is simply fill in your business information and start selling right away.

In addition, you’re able to promote your store using Facebook, Pinterest, Google and Snapchat advertising. 

It is easy to create, manage, and track advertisements, all from the Ecwid dashboard. 

If you have a Facebook business page add it, if you want to sell on the go on an Android or iOS device, you are also covered.

You can also attract more customers by advertising your products on TikTok and marketplaces such as eBay,

Samples of Ecwid online stores in Nigeria 

Below are some samples of Ecwid small business shops in Nigeria.

AHastrade Limited

Finally, if you need help at any point in time, click on Get Help at the top of the screen of your dashboard.

Their onboarding is also commendable, you’ll get useful emails to guide and help you get the best from your store.